Built To Order LED Lighting

We offer custom LED lighting for a wide range of project. Each order is custom built to fit your project to give you the one of a kind look. All of our systems are  low voltage and come in a wide range of colors and can be used indoor or out.

We offer lighting for Decks, Building accent border lighting, Under Cabinet in the kitchen, Out Buildings and more.

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Milky white

Milky white cover diffuses LED strip lights, rending a softer, more uniform light, ideal for decorative and accent lighting. APPLICATION: Achieve under-cabinet and back splash lighting, accent and back lighting with ease. Light up your living room, kitchen, patio, deck,  bedroom, closet and more.


Benjamin’s Outdoor Deck

Building Accent Lighting

Building Accent Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Custom Man Cave Lighting

Our Blue Full Deck Lighting

Pool Deck Lighting